The Tiling Coach provides services to the following range of clients.

Home owners

So you think you can tile? You can, with a little help from the Tiling Coach.

  • Save money by doing the tiling yourself (DIY)
  • Save time by learning techniques and handy tips to make the job easier
  • Get help to design a special/different tiling job
  • Take pride in having done the work yourself

I can:

  • advise on the types of tiles available
  • show you how to work out the quantity of tiles required
  • help you find the right type of tile (often at trade price)
  • show you how to prepare the surface, including waterproofing if required
  • show you where to start for the best result
  • help you to get the tiling straight and level
  • show you how to cut tiles
  • advise on the need for expansion joints
  • advise on the best adhesive and grout to use
  • show you how to grout
  • show you how to apply silicone
  • show you how to tile with mosaics

I can rent you the equipment you need, such as a tile cutter or straight-edge. Or I can put together a complete package containing everything you need from sponges, notch trowels and wheelbarrows, through to tiles, adhesives and grouts.

Or you can simply ask – ‘Teach me how to tile’.


Builders may find it useful to hire the Tiling Coach to assist with troubleshooting in relation to tiling work, or to help train staff or apprentices.

Perhaps you have a regular tiler, but there is some aspect of a job that they are not experienced with, such as forming up a spa and rendering it. I can provide advice or help them get started on difficult or unusual tiling work.

I can also assess existing tiling work, advise on requirements and prepare reports.


As a tiler, sometimes you may take on a job that ends up being a little larger or more complicated than you thought. Perhaps something isn’t working out as it should, and you’re not exactly sure why. Or your client wants a product you’ve never used before.

Give the Tiling Coach a call – I’ve been there, done that!

I can:

  • do some troubleshooting to find out what the problem might be
  • advise on the best place to start to make the job easier
  • help you sort out your lines
  • help you prepare a particularly uneven surface (e.g. screeding and rendering)
  • give you some handy tips to get the best outcome for your job
  • show you how to work with new products (e.g. epoxy, glass mosaics)
  • help train your apprentice/s if you don’t have the time

Training companies

If you are training Wall and Floor Tiling apprentices and need an extra hand, the Tiling Coach can help.

I have a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. I have taught apprentices at TAFE and know the processes and standards required.

I can undertake assessment and provide hands-on training.


I regularly develop new training courses, and update this site when sessions become available. I can also tailor courses to specific needs for individuals or groups. If you’d like to learn how to tile – from mosaic art and kitchen splashbacks, through to bathrooms, living rooms and outdoor areas – check out my range of current courses.